Friday, 29 May 2015

Transferring Digital Stamps onto Fabric

Hi there!

Today is the 5th Friday of the month and to celebrate we have an especial post for you!

But first let me remind you that we have a challenge going on
with lots of chances to win some of Aliciabel gorgeous images.

And now, I, Aurora, have prepared you this tutorial on how to transfer digital stamps 
onto fabric for then colouring with Copic markers. 
It's a very effective technique. It's easy, looks nice and I love it!

Hope you like it and try it yourself.

This is the picture of my finished project using Steampunk Girl by Alicabel.

You will need a top (t-shirt, bag or whatever fabric you want to use),
a sheet of transfer paper for dark clothes, your printer, your iron, 
a piece of backing paper and your Copic markers.

First I printed the image at the desired size on the transfer paper.

Then I fussy cut the image.

Then I removed the backing paper (very important!)...

...and placed the image centred on the top. 

The next step was to heat transfer the image onto the fabric with my iron.
The image needs to be covered with backing paper. 
I recommend you to carefully read the instructions of your specific transfer paper.
For mine, it was recommended to use the cotton settings with no steam and apply heat for about 30 seconds, but with continuous movement of the iron to not burn the spot =P

Now, my image is transferred and it's time to start colouring.

Colouring on the fabric is not like colouring on paper. 
I guess I could say that the lighter colours wash the darker ones.
However, blending is quite good and it does not take to long to get used to the differences.
Maybe a good trick would be to apply always a coat of the lighter shade 
before adding the darker ones.

Once the image is completely coloured you need to repeat the ironing process 
to make sure the colour gets fixed onto the transfer paper.

Hope you like it and try it yourself.
And if you do, don't forget to share it on our challenge.

Have a nice weekend =D